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1. Welcome to Hybrid Music, although that you are a band that has just started, it would be good if you tell us, what was the reason of birth of this project and the meaning behind Unfathomable Ruination?

Hi Marco! Thank you for your welcoming. This band was formed by the collaboration of Rob (Vocals) and me (Guitars), the plan was to form a band with the main influence of Internal Suffering since we have always been impressed with the speed and brutality of their music. Of course we also wanted more influences for this project that vary between technicality, experimentation and musical passion, bands such as: Disgorge (US),     Death, Origin, Abysmal Torment, Dying Fetus, Suffocation and a lot more. With this artistic mentality, we chose the best musicians we could find and these were Doug Anderson (Bloodshot Dawn) and Federico Benini (Trifixion, Ex-Ditchcreeper), that fit perfectly for this project. From all the never ending influences that we have, our name came from an artistic concept of not having any limits to create brutal music so from that, the word Unfathomable or in other words, Incompressible/Obscure and the other word Ruination meaning destruction, was the perfect name for this band as these two words mean an Inexplicable and Obscure destruction. With this definition, we have the mentality of finding new sounds to create violent music and this name expands this opportunity. As a lyrical approach, the name is based on apocalyptic themes of disintegration of matter and the human race.

 2. You have just finished releasing a three track MCD through Sevared Records. What can you tell us about these tracks? How can you achieve such good material considering that this band has only been around for less than a year? How has the response been on the scene regarding your work?

Thank you for your compliments! This Demo/EP has been received a lot better than we expected it to be and thanks to the distribution from Sevared, it has reached to the Death Metal scene all over the world. I believe that the positive response we got given from the people that have listened to our music, it is because of the “organic” way in which this was composed. At the beginning, the song arrangements were written by me on the guitar, these were later improved by Doug once he started creating the drum patterns for them. Finally, the bass and the vocals were added later to the core of the structure that we had already. The way in which we differ when it comes to composing our music, is the freedom that we all got. There was no dictator saying how the arrangements should have been instead we all contributed with as many ideas and suggestions to get the best out of each track.

3. Another important detail regarding the production of your work, is the artwork in which it very well done, and was designed by a well recognized musician and artist Phlegeton (Wormed, Human Mincer). What were the links in order to work with artist?

I met Phlegeton when I played at the Neurotic Deathfest 2009 with my previous band ‘Fleshrot’. Human Mincer played on the same day we did and after witnessing their performance I was completely blown away by the level of brutality that this band provides in their music. After they finished their set, I approached to them to give them my respects
and from then on, I have been in touch with them. When I came back from this fest, I started to browse the links on the Human Mincer and Wormed pages and saw Phlegeton’s  graphic design business ‘Phlegeton Art Studio’, from there I saw his outstanding artworks such as the Cesspool of Vermin, Disgorge (Mex) and The Sickening. After I quit Fleshrot and started this project, I knew that his design style was going to be perfect in order to represent the graphic concept of our band. Just like you mentioned, he did produced an excellent and professional piece of artwork for this Demo/EP. At the moment he has just finished the design for the t-shirts which is going to amaze a lot of people when we print them!
4. Daniel, the production process regarding recording and mixing, it is something that it was done by you with a great result. Tell us about this topic. Do you have your own studio? What other bands have you worked with? Is there a possibility of you recording an Ecuadorian band?

Honestly, I didn’t know that this was going to turn out that good hahaha... I have studied sound engineering for about 3 and a half years, I have recorded some bands and musicians but never a Death Metal band, this was my first attempt in recording an extreme band of this genre. This CD was recording at my University, and the original plan was if I did not manage to do a respectable job, we were going to find someone else with more experience to do so. With a lot of work and concentration, I managed to achieve a mix that my band mates liked very much in the end. Like the process of musical composition I mentioned before, the production process had the same “organic” ideology, especially the drums, which were recorded in a completely natural way, only with triggers on the bass drum that were mixed with the miced up original sound anyway. Doug recorded all the tracks from beginning to end. If you have seen his video playing ‘Echoes of Universal Futility’, the song was recorded twice, the first part of the song was better on the first track but the second track has the best ending, so all I did was merge these two tracks together. The rest of the tracks were recorded only once and they were perfect.

I could tell you all the technical details from the production process in which I would love to talk to about, but these would take several pages for me to write and this would put some people to sleep if they are not into sound engineering hahaha. At the end of all of this, I am very proud in what I have achieved regarding the production, however since I am a perfectionist, I think I could improve some bits and bobs if I would’ve had more time. At this moment, I just do live sound when the opportunity is presented, my dream is to have my studio one day and once I have gained all the experience to be in the technical level where I want to be. I would love to work with Ecuadorian bands or any Latin America bands in general in which they really deserve better audio production services because of their talent and hard work.

5. Two members of Unfathomable Ruination are not English, your bassist is Italian and you are Ecuadorian. How hard is it in your case for you to settle in another country and achieving what you have so far? What does this diversity do to the music and the movement in general?

I have lived here for about 10 years but I already dedicating myself to music, I had some bands and projects that never worked out, the most active bands I was in were Ritual Abuse (Death/Trash) and Fleshrot (Brutal Death Metal). Like everyone that loves music, I have dedicated a lot into acheiving something out of it and only now I am seeing the fruits of my work and I hope that everything goes to plan with Unfathomable Ruination. Federico has been in this country for about 5 years but already recorded an album with Ditchcreeper and has gone on tour with Malevolent Creation, he’s also dedicated and takes music seriously. If I understand well when you talk about diversity, like you have seen it, the Death Metal scene has a lot of different influences in each country but it is all together as one in general. I think that the cultural influence that we have implemented between Ferderico, Rob, Doug and me, it has been something interesting and powerful when it is shown on the music writing process, however I think this is more because of our general influences of Metal and how we work as a team.

6. Following one of the topics I mentioned before, I would like to know your opinion regarding Metal in Ecuador, I know you are constantly interested in what is happening in the Metal scene over here. What is there known about the Ecuadorian scene in England? What are your favorite bands of our country? What would you recommend to Ecuadorian bands in order to expand their work?

Yes, I have supported Ecuadorian Rock since I was a little kid, before coming to the UK, I liked a lot of Punk and Hardcore bands from over there. I still have albums and demos of bands such as: Muscaria, Notoken, Tanque etc.. Every time I was back in Ecuador for holidays, I was very impressed in how the Metal scene kept growing, especially when I went to La Concha Acustica in 2007 and saw that more extreme bands play there now rather that only Heavy Metal ones like it used to be before. Talking about this concert, I was really impressed by Eskhaton’s performance, them, Ente, Epidemia and Gorephagia are my favorite bands from Ecuador. Here in Europe, people respect a lot of Underground Death and Black Metal bands from Latin America, because they know we play extreme music for passion and that we don’t follow any false trends. There’s been a few people I met that know Gorephagia because of their previous split with Beautician, but now that Gastrorrexis has been officially signed by Sevared, they have been making quite an impression in the U.S and it will not be long until they are recognized to our worldwide level. I always try to promote bands that work hard from over there, I have shown Ente’s videos to my friends and they stay with their mouth opened when they see the moshpits there, I also lend my DVD’s that I have bought from magazines such as Ravenous and Darkness, due to their awesome live footage of bands such as: Desquizofrenia, Total Death and a lot more. I recommend to any band to record a good demo or promo CD and try to send it to as many distributors or labels around the world, you never know who will reply with a good offer! Also having a good MySpace or relevant Networking page helps immensely as having a good image provides a professional impression and may be the most important factor, always support underground bands in the scene. For me the respect to the Underground is essential.

7. All the members from Unfathomable Ruination with your exception are involved in other musical projects. How does this affect the plans of the band? Is Unfathomable Ruination a stable band?

Embryonic Depravity are not active as a band anymore, so Rob is only committed to Unfathomable Ruination, however he is learning to play drums in a Doom/Progressive band called Somniac and he’s advancing a lot in playing this instrument. Doug and Federico will be recording their albums this year with their relevant bands so it depends how busy they get with their other activities in order to start recording our album, realistically from the financial aspect, we will be entering the studio at the end of this year or the beginning of 2012, no later than this! So yeah, Unfathomable Ruination is planning to be on the scene for a good time, at least 5 albums hahaha.

8. When can we listen your first full length, I am guessing it would take some time now that you are looking for another guitarist. Where will this material be orientated to? Will this be released by Sevared Records too?

Like I mentioned before, our album will not take longer than a year to record, the search for the other guitarist is only to reinforce our live sound and it has nothing to do with out plans of composition, of course if we find the right musician, it would be great if more ideas can be put on the table writing wise. The concept of the album and the compositions are already planned, we have just finished writing 2 new full songs and one is about to be completed, the sound of this new material will be a lot heavier, with new elements taken from other malignant styles of Metal and more dissonant effects of guitar on the lines of Ulcerate, bass lines of a technical level such as Origin, drum arrangements inspired for bands such as Decimation and Krisiun and sickening vocals on low octaves in the style of Defeated Sanity. With this you can already have an idea, but there will be a lot more surprises!

Unless we have a deal where the label can help us financially with the costs of the recording or something, we will not be prepared to announce where this album will be released with, we have had some offers already, but we still want to record it first and then choose the best deal is. Of course having this in mind, Barrett ( Sevared Records) has done a completely professional and fast distribution of our MCD, so if he likes our new material and wants to sign us officially, it would be an honor for us to release the album through his label again.

9. What are your currents plans with the band? Is there another project that hasn’t been mentioned?

The current plan is to get as many people in the scene to listen to our Demo/EP and play in as many places as possible. We have the chance to open for Fleshgod Apocalypse and a mini tour with Human Parasite and Murder Intentions, so it is already an excellent start for us! From here on, we are just gonna keep writing new songs for the album and improving our skills in our relevant instruments like all Death Metal musicians. There are not other projects apart from the ones mentioned before.

10. I would only like to thank you for your time and to congratulate you for your very well done work. Anything else that you would like to add to our readers?

Thank you the interview and your words! A message.............Always support true Death Metal and not false followings!

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