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We are back!

After some years of silence and isolation, we have decided to attack, stab and torture your ears, like in the old days!

Full color artwork or special hand-made package CDR $ 6.00

0000 - Nueurolgia CDr (BAA/AAB 2008) (Exquisite and insane experimental noise, obscure project from members of


0000 - Simpatico CDr (BAA/AAB 2010) (Exquisite and insane experimental noise, obscure project from members of


0000 + LFDR collaboration CDr (Experimental music collab with LA FUNCION DE REPULSA from Mexico)

2SCD - Innovando Multiplicidades Paralelas en Antiguas Bifurcaciones Etereas CDr (surrealistic experimental brutal

harsh noise from Ecuador)

2SCD - Mucosa Viscosa CDr (Intense harsh noise that uses amplified layers of junk as source material in this album)

2SCD - (extraccion de la sangre del ) parasito divino CDr (Powerful and chaotic harsh noise, non-stop agony!)

2SCD - Mecanismasticos CDr (BAA/AAB 2010) (surrealistic experimental brutal harsh noise from Ecuador)

2SCD- Anomalocaris CDr (BAA 2009) (Hypnotic and powerful harsh noise from Ecuador)

(2SCD stands for 2 Semanas con Diarrea who is me, L Sabatto, who started making noise under that name back in 1991)

5ebuts + ARMENIA - Segregar Por Segregar CDr (BAA 2009) (Harsh noise from Chile and Ecuador)

5ebuts vs. ARMENIA - INRI CDr (BAA/ACS) (Violent harsh noise from Chile and Ecuador)

886gv+Armenia+Christian Galarreta+HeraldosNegros collaboration CDr (2010) (Genuine, potent, intense, layers of

harsh noise from these three artists from Chile, Peru,Brazil and Ecuador)

AMNECIAM + ARMENIA - Nak'ana Millakuy CDr (BAA/AAB 2009) (Experimental harsh noise from these two


AMNECIAM+ARMENIA - El Camino del Llanto Triple collaboration 3XCDr *$15.00 (BAA 2010) (Surrealistic

atmospheric harsh noise combo Ecuadorian noise tribute dedicated to the works of Oswaldo Guayasamin, famous artist

from Quito, Ecuador)

ANAL IMMANUEL KANT - ARMENIA split CDr (BAA2010) (Russian/Ecuador violent and brutal harsh noise


ARCANO 18 / ARMENIA split CDr (BAA 2010) (Intense chaotic ravaging noise combo from Ecuador)

ARMENIA - Cambios Estrepitosos CDr (BAA/AAB 2005/2010) (Harsh noise from Ecuador, rare recordings)

ARMENIA - camino al vacio CDr (BAA 2009) (Brutal remixed sessions from “Viaje al Vacio” MD (6hrs of noise)

ARMENIA - DAFOSM - Visitante de Theia - Splot Tepa CDr (NOISE!)

ARMENIA - Discernimiento Interno CDr (BAA 2009) (Noise introspection, harsh noise to pulverize your ears)

ARMENIA - Ex Mortis split -Transfusionistas CDr (BAA 06-09) (Raging harsh noise/Power Electronics from Brazil

and Ecuador)

ARMENIA - Examen CDr (BAA/AAB 2010)

ARMENIA - Examen 2 CDr (BAA/AAB 2010)

ARMENIA - Examen 3 CDr (BAA/AAB 2010)

ARMENIA - Examen 4 CDr (BAA/AAB 2010)

ARMENIA - Examen 5 CDr (BAA/AAB 2010) (ARMENIA homage noise tribute to gore imagery and lyrics)

ARMENIA - Extraño Objeto de Seducción CDr (BAA 2009) (Focused in fetichism to human female anatomy, Harsh!)

ARMENIA - Favoritism CDr (ARMENIA high end sound in this recording, turns uncontrollable, for more than 20

minutes the sound that was a total abrasive mass of noise turns static and unpredictable, after that, it returns even angrier

and more louder, just to prove that ARMENIA is the south American king of noise)

ARMENIA - hawanpi ñawpa hatun wasi CDr (AAB2009) (Chaotic, intense harsh noise from Ecuador)

ARMENIA - Manopulaziones and loops CDr (Corrosive and brutal harsh noise from Ecuador)

ARMENIA - Rescatado del Polvo CDr (BAA2009) (ARMENIA remixes old and rare material, ultra heavy stuff!)

ARMENIA - Tahuantinsuyo CDr (Brutal harsh noise from Ecuador inspired in ancient indigenous southamerican


ARMENIA - Voluntaria Terapia Auto-Degenerativa CDr (BAA2009) (Brutal harsh noise from Ecuador, lost recordings)

ARMENIA + COCK ESP -locaboration CDr (BAA/2009) (Harsh noise legend from Minneapolis)

ARMENIA + DND collaboration CDr (Noise from Italy and Ecuador)

ARMENIA + Fecal Love collaboration CDr (Noise from Italy and Ecuador)

ARMENIA + Hundred Pieces Collaboration CDr (Noise from Cleveland and Ecuador)

ARMENIA + Ivan Carreño - Construcciones Indefensas CDr (BAA/AAB2009) (Ecuadorian new noise artist Ivan

Carreño demonstrates his violent destructivistic abilities in this release, a must!)

ARMENIA + MANDRIL EPILEPTICO - Collaboration – CDr BAAAAB (2010) (Insane, convulsive and raging harsh

noise from Chile and Ecuador)

ARMENIA vs 5EBUTS - Tu tienes la Culpa Colaboracion CDr (ACS/BAA) (Abrassive, brutal harsh noise from Chile

and Ecuador)

ARMENIA+ PERPETUAL AMNESIA CDr (Excellent collaboration between these two power electronics harsh noiseperverts

from Cleveland, Ohio and Ecuador, recorded in Ohio)

ARMENIA+886VG - collaboration CDr (BAA 2006) (Chilean and Ecuadorian violent-noise gurus)

ARMENIA + Mosquito Diabolico + LS + 2SCD - Disponible en CDr (BAA/AAB 2010)

ARMENIA+MUTANT APE/Gone/Sonic Fellatio-Musica Para o Sexo Femenino CDr (BAA 2005) (Noise from Brazil,

UK, USA and Ecuador)

ARMENIA + Pychulator collaboration CDR “Una Puta Ahorcada en el Parque Infantil” (BAA 2004) (Noise


ARMENIA+PIG EXAM collaboration CDR (BAA2005) (Brutal, aggressive harsh noise from New Zealand and


ARMENIA and 2 SCD + Radio Mourmansk and Nochnoi Doll 2XCDr (Noise from Germany and Ecuador) $10.00

ARMENIA + Tachycardia + Hronir + Fiorella 16 collab CDr (Noise from Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador)

Baby Daddy - Takle Hack CDr (BRUTAL HARSHNOISE FROM North Carolina)

Bornage + ARMENIA - Amor-Tiguador CDr (noise from Chile and Ecuador, weird experiments)

Cacasonica + ARMENIA - ARMENISONICACA -CDr (Grindnoise meets harsh noise! from Ecuador)

Christian Galarreta + ARMENIA - Pudrición Estética CDr (BAA 2007) (Peruvian/Ecuadorian harsh electronic noise


CLON + dark cavern +2SCD + ARMENIA collaboration CDr (BAA 07-09) (Harsh noise ambient from Puerto Rico

and Ecuador)

Coco and Fiend Friend / ARMENIA split CDr (BAA 2006) (Weird harsh noise from Italy and Ecuador)

Comando Bruno + ARMENIA collaboration CDr (BAA 2007-2009) (Legendary harsh noise master from Spain and

Ecuadorian noisemaker ARMENIA)

Cristian Proaño con ARMENIA collaboration CDr (BAA 2009) (Experimental harsh noise from Ecuador)

Daniel Pico and Christian Proaño “Una Casa Vacia” CDr Experimental noise from Quito, Ecuador)

ARMENIA + JIGP El Vacio en la Belleza collaboration CDr (BAA2009) (Dedicated to beauty harsh noise from Chile

and Ecuador)

FATALE + ARMENIA Poemas de la Mort CDr BAAAAB (2010) (Female harsh noise from Chicago and bone-crushing

harshnoise from Ecuador)

ARMENIA + ORGASM DENIAL Feminine Souvenirs collaboration CDr (BAA 2009) (Insane harsh noise from Hong

Kong and Ecuador)

Gelsomina / ARMENIA - Inverted Promesa CDr (BAA 2003) (Harsh noise from Finland and Ecuador)

GINGAGARUGA + ARMENIA are falling in love with noises collaboration CDr (NOISE NOISE NOISE)

Gone + ARMENIA collaboration CDr (harsh noise fro USA and Ecuador)

Government Alpha + ARMENIA “Art of Corruption” CDr (Harsh noise from these sonic deviants)

Hinyouki + ARMENIA - Wakiga CDr (dark, full of eroticism, violent harsh noise collaboration from these two crazy

artists from Spain and Ecuador, Hinyouki is famous for its extreme pornographic image, and cover layout and a

fascination for female urination, Sick harsh noise not for the squeamish!)

Hybrid Frequency + ARMENIA - Paren Ese Ruido!!! Destruyan Los Parlantes!!! CDr (BAA2007) (Harsh noise from

Colombia and Ecuador)

Ignacio Ruz + L. Sabatto collaboration CDr (BAA2009) (Insane harsh noise audio terrorists from Chile and Ecuador)

Invicto! + ARMENIA collaboration CDr (Power electronics/noise from Brazil and Ecuador)

Jan AG / ARMENIA split CDr (Mastermind of Agathocles, the legendary grindcore band.Sick!)

JIGP VS ARMENIA nadie me enseño a amar CDr (BAAAAB2010) (Wicked, violent harsh noise from Chile and


Joe Lombardo and OOOO collaboration CDr (experimental noise,weird!)

Kenji Siratori CDr (Excellent material from this cyberpunk experimental Japanese artist. released originally in 2006).

Kukuruchox Klan / ARMENIA – Dualidad CDr (BAAAAB 2010) (Unrelenting, tearing noise from both Ecuadorian


Lateral Agriculture Order: OURA MURARA versus AQVARISTIK CDr (BAA 2003)

LEGLESS + ARMENIA - Derangement of the Senses CDr (Brutal and violent harshnoise from Maryland, USA)

Mosquito Diabolico - [006457] CDr (BAA2010) (monotonous tone-breaking experimental noise)

Mosquito Diabolico - Aus der Culo Then Rotten Fragmenti di Mierda CDr (AAB 2010) (Experimental-crazy insane

harsh noise)

Moke Grotton / ARMENIA split CDr (Harsh noise from USA and Ecuador)

MOZ / ARMENIA - split CDr (BAA 2000) (Harsh noise from USA and Ecuador)

NERD - 25XCDr Boxset (Musical Destruction by this anonymous harsh noise band, limited in 25 copies! Only few left!!)


NOVASAK / ARMENIA split CDr (BAAAAB 2010) (Total fierce, violent, brutal noise from Denver and Ecuador,


NULLIFICATION "s/t" CDr (Female Power Electronics from US, very violent and erotic, reminds of old Whitehouse.

Nuss + ARMENIA CDr (Live @ DNF2010) (Power electronics and harsh noise live show @Denver Noise Festival back

in 2010)

Other People's Children / ARMENIA - split CDr (BAA 2006) (harsh noise from USA and Ecuador)

OURANOISE -/ ARMENIA split CDr (BAA 2010) (Crazy and brutish pieces from this brand new female Ecuadorian

experimental noise project)

P.D.Anta / ARMENIA Superhipsters Split CDr (BAAAAB 2010) (Intense, crushing, aggressive harsh noise from


Paruro + ARMENIA - Elementos de Desorden CDr (BAA 2007) (Obscure harsh noise project from Peru and Ecuador)

PCRV+ARMENIA - Mundanismo Retórico CDr (BAA 2007) (Harsh noise from Montana and Ecuador)

PCRV + ARMENIA + Novasak CDr (Live @ DNF2010)

PerroSatan destruye ARMENIA collaboration CDr (BAA 2010) PerroSatan (Ecu) secretly adulterated ARMENIA

sounds to produce a path to destruction, harsh noise at its best!)

PUDRETE / D.A.F.O.S.M. split CDr (BAAAAB 2010) (Unrelenting, barbarous harsh noise attack from these artists

from Chile and Ecuador)

Rasmussen + ARMENIA “Argumento Ficticio” collaboration CDr (BAAAAB 2010) (Vicious and obscure electronic

harsh noise from Denver and Ecuador)

RONEZ / ARMENIA - split CDr (BAA 2006) (Powerful harsh noise from China and Ecuador)

Ronez + Cornucopia + ARMENIA - P'ampasqa CDr (BAA/2009) (Harsh noise massacre from China, Puerto Rico and


SAFBB + 2SCD - Elsje Bollen collab CDr (Harsh noise from Spain and Ecuador)

SOVAKO + ARMENIA - SOVAKENIA - collaboration CDr (BAA 2009) (noise from Spain and Ecuador)

STRICT - In Preparation CDr (BAA 2002) (Power Electronics from USA, mandatory)

Torturing Nurse / ARMENIA - split CDr (BAA/2006) (Harsh noise from China and Ecuador)

TRANSFIGURATION "s/t" 2XCDr $10.00 (Brutal Power Electronics pioneer from Ecuador)

Trio del Desarraigo y la Eterna Dulzura Ambulatoria - Trio de...etcetera CDr (Experimental noise inspired in


Vartan + ARMENIA collaboration CDr (Harsh noise versus techno!)

WILDER GONZALES AGREDA + ARMENIA Cierra mis Ojos collaboration CDr (Psychodelic experimental noise

from Peru and Ecuador)

Yuko-Yuquin - Manipulaciones y Experimentos CDr (Experimental noise early members of ARMENIA. Recorded in

1995 using primitive devices)

ZOMBIE BITE + ARMENIA CDr (BAA2010) (furious violent harsh noise from Minneapolis/Ecuador)

ZVOOK + ARMENIA - Mirada Bifurcada CDr (BAA 2009) (Harsh noise from Colombia and Ecuador)

Old BAA-RELEASES: These were limited and in special packaging too! (Ask first)


A lot of these items are limited editions, from material I couldn’t finish selling by the time they were


produced and we have limited stock on hand. These are not reissues.


Richard Ramirez-ARMENIA “Esencia” CDr (BAA 1997)

ACERRIMAMENTE vs. ARMENIA “Representación Extrema” CDR

MACRO-MENIA “Pussy Trainers” collaboration CDr (BAA 1995-1997)

Crack Fierce / ARMENIA “A Tribute to dead vagina” CDR

The Japanese Torture Comedy Hour / ARMENIA “Requerimiento no necesario” CDr (BAA1998)


Cornucopia +ARMENIA collaboration CDR


Government Alpha / ARMENIA - Hyperreaction CDr (BAA/2001)


Government Alpha + ARMENIA collaboration CDr (BAA2004)


Facialmess / ARMENIA “Poxcontorsionista” CDR

Murder Corporation / ARMENIA - Protoplasma CDr (BAA 1996)

K2 / ARMENIA - Insects CDr (BAA 2000)

PAIN JERK / ARMENIA - Lewd – CASSETTE (BAA 1999) $10.00 (only 30 available)

Black Leather Jesus / D.A.F.O.S.M. - Mute Leech in a Possy CDr (BAA 1997)

STIMBOX / ARMENIA - PLAN C – (both “Libertino” and “Plan B”) 2XCDr (BAA 1999) $15.00

Emil Beaulieau / ARMENIA split CDr (BAA 2001)

Töre H.Boe / ARMENIA “Simbolistas” CDr (BAA1999)

The Daylights Savings T.X. / ARMENIA “Poligamia inversa” CDr (BAA 1997)

Ames Sanglantes / ARMENIA “Siete Ciervos” CDR

Mourmansk 150 / ARMENIA “C-Power” CDR

Napalmed / ARMENIA “Tetra” CDR

Il Mestruo Delle Puttane / ARMENIA "Come lo Scaroffagio" CDR

Rotten Cop Massacre / ARMENIA “Metalwork” CDR

Brutum Fulmen / ARMENIA CDR


Antenna 59 / ARMENIA “Ocaso Superficial” CDR

Dethfuk /ARMENIA “Black Moth” CS/CDR

Plus Noise Irritator / ARMENIA “Anarcholics” CDR

The Violet Grind / ARMENIA “Rhetoric Topics” CDR

Other People`s Children / ARMENIA split CDR

Kummerlige Forhold / ARMENIA “Persistent Drone” CDR

The End / ARMENIA “Bizarre Extreme” CDR

Post Prandials / ARMENIA “New Paradox” CDR

Schonheitsbedarf + ARMENIA “Naphtalene” CDR

Antibody / ARMENIA “Tenacious” CDR

Deja Vu Alibi! / ARMENIA “Artículo” CDR


ARMENIA / Open Wound “Maniobras del parasito” CDR

Audible X.X.Y. /ARMENIA “Empty Bleeding” CDR


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